3 thoughts on “Coors from colorado”

  1. Hi Paul and Randy:
    Sounds like the trip is going well, you are in beautiful country, espeically how the terrain changes from flat to high in the sky. Paul I am sure that is Randy’s Coors and it is great beer, maybe some day they will sell it in Canada. Hope the weather has been ok and will be ok. Take care, Randy I spoke to Walter earlier to-day he says hello to both of you and wishes you well on your trip. Very cold here in SK to-day, -35 with the wind, good day to stay inside and work. Talk to you both later. Ron

  2. Hey guys, sounds like ur having fun. Paul, I hope you had a sip of that Beer. It’s not Coors “lite”, so it should taste like real beer. If Canada wins a gold you SHOULD have a cold one!….enjoy

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