The day of the 4 person bobsleigh qualifying runs (#1 and #2) started very overcast and with light rain in North Vancouver.  This was an unfortunate change to the fantastic spring conditions we had been experiencing; yet Mom and I were not discouraged and headed for the bus to Whistler in hopes that the rain would be snow in the mountains!

Once we got up to the village, the rain had stopped and it was simply overcast, a positive sign!  We stopped at a little cafe for a hot drink and AMAZING cinnamon buns (umm I wish the internet could share taste and smell) before taking the gondola up to the Sliding Centre.

The conditions were wet up there, so the warming tents were a nice plus to get a bit of warmth and the cold out of our bones.  For this event we had bleacher seats at the final turns.  The weather it seemed had deterred a number of people, but the show went on and those that were there cheered the athletes on.  Including a Swiss (I believe) man whom came up into the bleachers with a huge instrument case, I thought maybe he was playing a show later in town and didn’t feel comfortable letting it out of his sight.  Not the case though, inside was a huge horn like used in the alps (think Ricola commercial).  I was stoked by this, but became disappointed as he began to put it together and was told for whatever reason he was not allowed to play it from there and forced to go now to the general viewing area.  As the afternoon progressed a cross of rain/snow began coming down, huge flakes fell that turned to water once landing.  Much more fitting for a winter event!

Wow were these guys and ladies moving fast and it was unbelievable how many sleds we saw crashing coming off turn 16 and 17 and finishing the course with their heads smacking against the ice.  I think it may  now be clear to me why these athletes continue to do the crazy sport they do, you smack your head enough times at those high speeds and you’re sure to loose some brain cells and venture back to the top for more!

All and all a great day!

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