Closing Ceremonies!

So going to the closing ceremonies was not on the original plan, but when the opportunity for tickets at face value came up (still enough $$) how could I resist!  It had been a great time in Vancouver at the Games and this seemed like the only way to cap it off properly.  It would be a once in a lifetime experience and who better to go with than my good buddy Duncan who was coming to Vancouver for the weekend to check out a snowboard event.  I bought the tickets Friday afternoon as Mom and I were on the way back from Whistler.  As Duncan was not aware of the tickets I promptly called him just as he had landed to say, “Sunday we’re going to the closing ceremonies!!”

The Sunday afternoon first began with Canada winning gold in men’s hockey (and Paul trying beer)!  I then took the sky train with a lot of rowdy people into the city where the party was just getting started.  The scene outside BC Place was crazy with flags, screaming and hockey games starting in the street.

It was time to leave the streets for a bit and enter the stadium.  Our seats were quite high, but they allowed for a full view of the show.  On each seat was a case that contained coloured placard cards, moose antlers, a flashing light as well as a flashing globe.  These were for crowd participation during the ceremony. When motioned by one of the volunteers we would have to hold up cards, put on antlers etc.  Mostly everyone got into this and taking part was pretty cool!

Making light (no pun intended) of the one arm of the cauldron not raising in the opening ceremonies and having to raise it manually was a good little laugh and very Canadian!  The athletes then entered and their smiles and flags emitted such good energy and an overall feeling of pride!  I was happy we were there.

I was impressed with the graphics and reflective imaging that was done during the show, as well as the ‘I am Canadian’ speeches and Russia’s presentation.

Now prior to the musical acts they started bringing out large inflatable moose, mounties, beavers etc; I thought this was a bit of a lark and lasted too long.  Interesting concept but for international viewers I’m not sure if they got it, instead it probably just reiterated that the stereotypes of our country are true.  Then the musical selections are another story and won’t get into a rant here, lets simply say that they could have been much better and representative of the talent Canada has.

All said this was an excellent way to round off a great trip!

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