Day 5 wrapup (Feb. 6)

Day 5 started at about 9:45am. We began our day traveling through the mountains of Wyoming along I-80. We stopped briefly for a rest at the Lincoln Memorial, the highest elevation on the entire I-80 at 8,640 feet. The scenery was fantastic along this part of the highway (pardon me, interstate). The rock formations were stunning and the colour a reddish-brown. The landscape returned to more flat, but the Rockies could still be seen off in the distance. The number of windmill farms were surprising, many of them stretching for miles along a ridge. We crossed into Utah just before sundown and settled for the night in Ogden, Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City. We hope to make it to Boise, Idaho for tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 wrapup (Feb. 6)”

  1. Hi Fellows
    That picture of you with the tin of Coors brings back happy memories of the Chateau during the late ’70s (when I was young). The ALCB was on strike but we Bellmen had plenty of Coors because the tour bus drivers were bringing it across the border for us.
    That’s some fabulous country that you’re driving through.
    Happy trails.

  2. Hey there Paul,

    Glad you all are having a great time. Is you dad driving like a old man? LOL

    There are some great States you are travelling through. Enjoy !!!!!

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