Dinner Delayed

After leaving Coquitlam around 4pm en route to my grandparents’ place for dinner yesterday, we got news there was a bombscare at Lonsdale Quay on a SeaBus, right where my grandparents live. There was Police everywhere! They wouldn’t allow anyone down the hill by car or foot. So, we sat and waited for nearly an hour until they cleared the area as safe. Turns out they blew up a package left by someone on one of the SeaBuses. An inconvienience, but glad they are taking the proper measures to ensure public safety at all times.

3 thoughts on “Dinner Delayed”

  1. Hey Guys everyone at work is looking for an update. Get on that Paul. Hope you are having the time of your life.
    Mary Lee
    and the UTSC Staff at Health & Wellness

  2. Hi D Family!
    How’s it going out there? The opening ceremonies were spectacular on the small screen …must’ve been breathtaking live!
    Don’t forget you’re having a fabulous time for all of us so keep at it!!


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