Medals, Dallas Green, and disappointment

Canada wins a GOLD! We got our very first gold medal on home soil on Sunday by Alex Bilodeau in Men’s Moguls. The monkey is off our back now, time to get some more. We also recieved a Silver in Women’s Moguls and Men’s Snowboard Cross, and a Bronze in Women’s Speed Skating.

Last night’s concert Chris & I went to was great. We saw City and Colour, otherwise known as Dallas Green. The concert was part of the Cultural Olympiad. The opener was a band called The Rural Alberta Advantage. Both of us quite enjoyed them.

Unfortunately, due to weather, the event Mom & Chris were supposed to go to on Thursday, they’re seats have been cancelled. It was Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe. The standing room area is very beat up and not safe enough for spectators. It is quite a bummer, but we shall prevail and overcome.

My first event is tomorrow at the Pacific Coliseum at 5pm for Short Track Speed Skating. Should be fun!

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