My closing thoughts…

Now that it has been a few months since this trip took place, I think it has given me ample time to think about our time soaking in the experience that was the 2010 Winter Olympics.

From the time the Games were announced that they would be held in Vancouver, I had this inner desire to attend. This desire was kept to myself for quite awhile. When ticketing information was announced I got a little more excited and brought my idea up with my parents and brother. They liked the idea and said to keep them posted. As the ticketing lottery deadline approached, we had several family meetings to decide what packages and events to try to get. We submitted and waited… we got 4 pairs of tickets; it was official, we were going to the Olympics! However, 4 pairs didn’t seem like enough for such an international event. So, in June I picked up 4 more pairs via the online ticketing system. That seemed perfect! As time ticked away and the Games grew closer, our excitement mounted exponentially too!

Once there, we became glued to the TV watching the coverage or were visiting with family or taking in the electric buzz that permeated through Vancouver or were experiencing world-class athletes compete live.

Not enough can be said about the feelings and emotion the Olympics brings to an individual. Words will never do it justice and must be felt first hand to truly understand. If anyone ever has the opportunity to experience the Olympics, Winter or Summer, do not pass this up.

The hospitality we were shown by our family and friends made this trip even better, thanks!

People have asked me “how was it?” countless times since I’ve been back and my answer I give them is “trip of a lifetime”. This is the answer that I think sums up my emotions best. Will there be another “trip of a lifetime”? Possibly. This will be hard to beat, but if the Olympics are in North America again, I’ll probably be there to cheer Canada on wearing the red and white. That’s a promise.

I put together a video that showcases our trip put to music by Vince Vaccaro, a local BC musician, and Foo Fighters, my favourite band.

Until next time, its been great sharing my stories with you, thanks again, so long…

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