Roadtrip #2 – Days 1-4 (Mar 4-7)

Our trip back to Toronto got delayed by one day due to me coming down with a bit of a bug, so instead of leaving on March 3rd, we left March 4th.  Day one started out leaving our residence for the past 3 weeks at Albert & Michelle’s, my dad’s cousin, at about 10:30 am.  Our drive took us to Revelstoke, BC where we met up with my dad’s friends Robert and Julia.

Day 2 was spent in Revelstoke getting a guided tour by Robert.  We drove up to Revelstoke Mountain Resort where my Dad and Uncle Mike took the gondola to 5000ft.  Unfortunately, the terrain was not accessible, so I had to stay back and get a full report upon their return.  Other places we visited were a few local highlights such as the Revelstoke Dam, the second largest dam in North America after the Hoover Dam.  We spent the night there and prepared to leave in the morning.

Revelstoke - Mount Mackenzie view

Revelstoke scenery

Day 3 was a shorter drive to Banff, Alberta where we met up with Jon Whelan, a long time friend of my dad and Uncle Mike back from their days working at Chateau Lake Louise in the 1970’s.  En route to Banff we stopped at Lake Louise, where once again I had to miss out on the great, great vista due to the icy terrain.  This does however mean that I must come back to both Revelstoke and Lake Louise at a later date.

Rogers Pass

Lake Louise 1

Lake Louise 2

Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise - Ice sculptures

Day 4 started at about 8:30am and made our way out of Banff to just outside Canmore where we had breakfast.  From there we made our way through Calgary, down to Lethbridge, and crossed into Montana, without trouble, where we have settled for the night in Great Falls, Montana.  Tomorrow’s goal is make it to Rapid City, South Dakota.  More to come later…

Three Sisters - Canmore, AB


Montana sunset

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  1. Well we’ll have to go to Lake Louise together. Love it there as well as all of Banff National Park. Spent so much time there as a kid. The girls learned how to skate on Lake Louise 2 years ago. Did you think of me when you went through Lethbridge? Hard to believe I was there last week and now you went through it. Not much to see eh? lol Stay safe. Love ya.

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