Skeleton GOLD!

So after a bit of disappointment with not being able to go to Cypress Thursday for halfpipe we were in Whistler Friday for the skeleton medal races!  Unfortunately as a result of all this WICKED spring weather we have been having the standing room at Cypress for 8 of the events has become unsafe and tickets were canceled.

Friday started with a 2 hour bus ride from Vancouver to Whistler with blue sky and sunshine.  We then had a short time to wander around the village, where people were sitting out on patios enjoying lunch and the day.  It was from there onto a gondola and up the mountain to the sliding centre.  After a security check, where i neglected to remove all metal objects and was subjected to a full pat down which held us up slightly, Mom and I trekked to the top of the track and from there saw the final run of the woman’s skeleton.  From the grandstands up there we were able to see the sliders push off and watch the rest of the run on a big screen.  The vibe at the top was loud and great!!

We stayed up at the top for the men’s 3rd runs which ended with our Canadian, Montgomery, sitting in second!  We then  made our way down the mountain to find some food before parking ourselves at the last turn, number 16, for the final runs!

The men were quick and hugged tight to the walls, which seems to be at 90 degrees, doing 145km/hr!  The 3rd last slider from Latvia posted a very good time and moved into first.  Montgomery then went, beginning the run behind but picking up speed on the way, at the last time check he was only 7/100ths of a second behind.  The crowd cheered in anticipation and then erupted when hearing that he had taken the lead by 8/100ths of a second!  This left the final slider, from Latvia as well, whom had a good run but not enough to take the top spot.  At this point everything went crazy and what a moment it was to be part of!  Nothing like we have ever felt before!

That energy was then carried into the village where we watched the Fire and Ice show in the square, which had a DJ spinning, dancers with fire sticks and skiers and boarders doing jumps through rings of fire.  Pretty good way to end the night.

3 thoughts on “Skeleton GOLD!”

  1. Wow – that looked great. So glad I am getting to enjoy with you – keep the news coming. What a thrill to feel all that excitement. Watched the Ice Dance last night – another gold – it was amazing.

  2. Hey Mom/Beverley! You’re very “pretty in pink”!!

    You all look like you’re having so much fun! Please don’t worry about us back here in boring old Toronto. See you soon!


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