T minus 9 days and 19 days

We’re about to enter the final week of preparation for our drive. Wow, it’s happening! Thanks though to the Yanks, we can’t do as much shopping ahead of time as we would like. They have strict guidelines that’s for certain. For instance, no poultry or poultry products (even Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup), no potatoes, no fruits or vegetables (unless you want to waste time getting each and every item inspected…), no rice, no eggs, plus other things. Insane if you ask me. Needless to say, once we cross over into Helter Skelter Land, we’ll have to shop.

Craig’s flight comes into Toronto at 7am-ish on February 1st, we’ll pack that day, then hit the road February 2nd at 8am-ish. Now have to sync the iPhone for music. More to do this week.

Only 19 days until the start of the Games and for the fun to begin!

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